BLOG TOUR | Dark Paradise – Gene Desrochers

Jessica Rachow

Hi everyone!

Today is my stop on the blog tour for Dark Paradise!

Boise Montague’s life in Los Angeles has fallen apart. After his wife dies, he returns to the tiny island where he grew up. Unfortunately, coming home doesn’t bring him the peace he’s looking for.

Things have changed drastically since his last visit. The island has moved on and so have the people he once knew. When Boise tries to find the one friend he thinks he can count on to be there for him, he’s confronted with another death. A murder. A murder that the police did not think important enough to investigate thoroughly.

Boise wants answers. He enlists a local reporter named Dana, who has theories of her own, to help him dig deeper.

With not much left to lose, a bone to pick with the justice system, and a relentless partner, Boise sets out…

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The Kleptomaniac in another Film Fest in April 2017

The Kleptomaniac is also an official selection to the Silicon Beach Film Festival April 22-28, 2017.  Check soon for the exact day and time of the screening!

Starting New Novel

I’m excited to be on the next journey through the life of new characters and new locales.  I’m also off this coming weekend (Jan. 28-30) for the Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival where my film, The Kleptomaniac, will make its Louisiana premiere and mark its third acceptance into a film festival! If you are in Lafayette, come by an check it out on Sunday Jan. 29th in the 2:15pm short films.