Lost In Paradise Makes Quarterfinals of Scriptapalozza 2010!

I looked at the list, and there it was, of the 3541 entries, Lost In Paradise, made the final 377 (doesn’t roll off the tongue, but oh well)!  Exciting.  LIP did not make the semifinals, but I just did another rewrite that I think moves the script forward more rapidly and puts the characters more in your face with distinctive traits.  Any producers, agencies, or directors can see the script at inktip.

I need agency representation, so let me know if you want to meet!

Here’s what the email I received said:

This year as always, all the reading was done by producers (that are listed on our website)
and they have returned the best of the best…377 Quarterfinalists out of 3541 entries.

Please remember that this is a competition and Scriptapalooza being one of the biggest
competitions in the world is very competitive. We have gotten entries from all over the world
and the producers reading the entries have already requested contact info on many writers.

We will announce Semifinalists on July 30th.

If you have any questions please email us at INFO@SCRIPTAPALOOZA.COM

Mark Andrushko
323.654.5809 office


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