Inktip Pitchfest Gets 10 Past Midnight & Lost In Paradise out!

I attended the Inktip Pitchfest at the Universal Hilton on Sunday Sept. 26, 2010 and had a great time!  I got the experience of pitching my two screenplays and my works in progress to panels of 1-4 producers, directors, managers, and agents with a time constraint of 5 minutes.  This experience honed my pitching skills, as I did it 11 or 12 times in one day, taking me from a pitch virgin, to a slut in no time!

I recommend this experience to writers who want to develop pitching skills in a short time and get your script into a few hands.  Almost everyone was courteous and receptive to my ideas and presentation.  I did get the rude treatment occasionally (that also helps you learn to deal with adversity), but almost everyone accepted my one-sheets and 10-15 accepted my script(s).

It’s important to follow-up and nurture these relationships, which I just finished doing for this week.  Now I have to go finish the script I’m currently writing!

Special thanks to Trudy, Jason, Zadrina, Meir, Sharon and Lazara, who were especially attentive and gave heart felt feedback.


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