“Lost in Paradise” makes Quarterfinals of StoryPros 3rd Annual Contest!

“Lost in Paradise,” my first full-length screenplay about Gerry, a young man who wants to find his place in the world after losing the most important person in his life,  just made the quarters in the drama category for this year’s StoryPros screenplay contest!

I hope the judges continue to show a fondness for my imagery and story and keep it moving toward a semi-final berth.  Wish me luck!

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3 Responses to “Lost in Paradise” makes Quarterfinals of StoryPros 3rd Annual Contest!

  1. If you are the Gene who subscribed to my blog: JudithWesterfield.wordpress.com
    (CreativitytotheMax, the blog)
    Welcome! I’m DELIGHTED to have a screenwriters input and interests.

    If you are NOT the “problemsolvergene” who subscribed my ability to sleuth is declining with age.
    Judy Westerfield

    • problemsolvergene says:

      Thanks for checking out my blog Judith! I am the guy. Looks like you’re hard at work over there. I’m working on my third screenplay now while also making some improvements to the second one.

      I couldn’t help but notice you have fibromyalgia! Have you tried neurofeedback? If so and it didn’t work I’m sorry. If you haven’t tried, you should go to http://www.mftherapy.com and read about it. It is often very effective for your condition.

      Anyway, thank for being the second comment on my blog!

    • problemsolvergene says:

      That’s met! Thanks for the welcome. Like your stuff!

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