Off Hollywood Behind-the-Scenes

I spent this past weekend on the set of Off Hollywood, a hilarious indie movie being shot in, you guessed it, Hollywood and LA.  We were on location at Zach’s Cafe on Ventura Blvd. with the cast and crew shooting Bambi Cherry’s big entrance.  This project is a true independent work of passion from my new friend Joe O’Donnell, who has poured his soul into this project. I spent the day shooting behind the scenes footage and I’m now editing it on my trusty Final Cut software.

Chuck Riedl, a buddy of mine from way back, is helping produce and get the project back on track after almost 20 months on the sideline.  You can get involved in the making of a movie too!  If you would like the chance to be in a 35mm feature production about a struggling filmmaker who turns to porn to make money, then botches that as he makes a sex film with no sex, or even adult language, then this is the movie for you.  Go to and audition, vote, watch my behind the scenes videos!


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