Avatar, Amazing.

Amazing.  James Cameron feels the need to go over the movie with cast and crew and figure out what could be done better next time.  That is the pursuit of perfection, no?


One thought on “Avatar, Amazing.

  1. i really loved Avatar. i don’t know why people on the internet (all 5 of them, apparently), keep bagging on the movie, especially it’s plot.

    yes, the basic story of an outsider coming to a strange land and learning the ways of the natives while falling in love with a beautiful native woman is not new (The Last Samurai, Shogun, for just two examples), what Avatar does is present such a compelling, beautifully realized world that the premise almost falls away to the background.

    i found it very classic Cameron, in that it had strong characterization (ie, Terminator 1 and 2, Aliens, True Lies, The Abyss), and a fantastical setting and great action, as well as a general message about the world and humanity’s place in it.

    ah, who am i kidding, Avatar was Fern Gully with better special effects. lol. i kid.

    hey, Gene, if you ever need me to do any more art/storyboards for you, let me know. i don’t know if i ever gave you the link to my deviant art page, but here it is: http://ffnb.deviantart.com

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